Welcome to Project Imaginarium, an embodied process for healing and transformation at RPR Holistic Arts Institute & Gallery. First articulated in my 2008 doctoral thesis, Life Excavations: An Emancipatory Model of Self-inquiry, this approach emphasizes opening to Lifeforce, our inherent superpowers of conscious intention and the imagination. Rooted in Kripalu yoga, depth psychology, artistic practice, energy medicine and other embodied philosophies, Project Imaginarium is an invitation to reflective, embodied expression and movement supported by the ”Imaginarium”, a visual journal space for creative inner work and expansive expression. LIFE CAN BE A CREATIVE PROJECT when you bring graceful awareness to your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions.

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For over twenty-five years, and through my own healing process and artwork, I’ve guided and empowered young and old, from pre-school to college and seniors alike, to ask BIG questions, to engage in inner contemplation, and embrace the courage to expand self-awareness. More than just a talent or skill, creating is an EMBODIED, spiritual human experience that gets us out of our rote, cultural patterns and literally back into our “right minds.” It’s in this space that our BRAINS gain access to the parasympathetic nervous system; our medicine chest of relaxation, SAFETY, healing and rejuvenation. Contemplative practices in painting, journaling or crafting, stimulates this same RELAXATION RESPONSE further increasing IMMUNITY to disease and reducing the experience of anxiety.

Yoga and meditation stimulate the BREATH, or LIFE FORCE, the body’s vagal nerve pathways that help us remember our TRUE NATURE as sparks of the Creator. By increasing our own capacity for LOVE, CONNECTION, and NURTURANCE, we begin to experience greater SECURITY and INTIMACY, which shifts our internal stories and perceptions of what is possible. Facing ourselves honestly is challenging, and so many people give up on that WORK. But often our greatest life’s purpose and callings lay in the ashes of that very PAIN. Through the work of developing skills, such as becoming WITNESS and observer of the MIND, attuning to unconditional, non-judging COMPASSION, and VISUALIZING your most vibrant life, those old, outdated PATTERNS and false internal scripts begin to dissolve.

When you make that choice to re-align, CO-CREATE, and partner with LIFE-FORCE, changes in health, habits, lifestyle, and destiny become ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE for you! But is takes PRACTICE, a supportive GUIDE, and a community to keep you focused on that PATH WORK. I am here and honored to hold that space for this very sacred work.

Life is a creative project. Cease the opportunity to up-level your joy and service in the world. Let your investment bring you back HOME.

Namaste In Light and Love, Rebecca.